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Ah Stationery! This was the hot topic of debate between my fiancée and I at the time. I wanted something that would set the scene for our wedding and give our guests a sneak peak into what they could expect for our big day. 

My fiancée on the other hand, wanted something that wouldn't break the bank. So we compromised, we used an online DIY platform for our initial invitations and RSVP as well as using a wedding website. But for all the items we would require on the day, however. We agreed that something beautiful, unique and memorable would be perfect. 

Our invites, to say the least, did draw comments from some family members that thought we would go a little extra in making them a bit more professional than they were, but hey! It's like they always say, you get what you pay for, we paid cheap, therefore our DIY invites did air on the side of cheap...

Anyway, back to the real professionals. After the saga and debates about our official invites, I searched for a company that I knew would blow us away with their work. 

Introducing Intricate Creations....

They were able to provide us with details that our guests would not only be impressed with, but actually were able to take home with them!

Below are some tips on what to consider when looking at your wedding stationery.


#1 Your Wedding Theme/Style


Your wedding theme is they key element here for your stationery. Will it be  a romantic affair? Will it be formal or relaxed, maybe even religious? Do you have a colour scheme in mind that you can add onto your stationery?

Once you know what style you are going for, you will be able to choose the perfect design. 

#2 Eco-Friendly 

Our world is now hot on climate change and protecting the environment, it maybe worth considering a more friendly stationer/style of paper. Intricate Creations has recently teamed up with Leeming Brothers to create a whole new environmentally friendly card!  Alternatively opt for an e-invite that is sent to your guests through digital means and keep paper out of it altogether! 


#3 Details, details

Ensure that your invites and other stationery items have clear and straightforward details about your wedding day. Provide them with times, locations, direction and dress codes. There is nothing worse than late guests due to complicated invites! 

#4 List of all the stationery you may need. (Note, you don't have to have absolutely everything)

- Save the Date

-Invitations & envelopes

- RSVP cards (asking to confirm allergies & dietary requirements)

-Information Card

- Order of Service

- Place Cards

- Table numbers / names

- Favour tags

- Table Plan

- Menu (if your venue/catering does not provide this)

- Thank you cards & envelopes

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